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Roofing Inspections York and Cumberland County

Professional Roof Inspections in Maine
We can find what is wrong with your roof!

Do you think you have a problem with the roof on your home or building? Have you discovered a leak that has developed after a recent storm or notice other signs that your roof may need to be inspected?  Are your asphalt shingles really old? Do you have ice dam problems in the winter?

Five Star Roofing Experts is a full service roofing contractor based out of Westbrook Maine and serving both Cumberland and York Counties. We offer roof inspection services for homeowners, commercial building owners, and managers of multi-family structures such as condos and townhomes. If you know there is a problem with your roofing system but you don’t know exactly what or where the problem we’d be happy to provide you with an inspection.  Please give us a a call 207-833-4444 and we can send someone out to your location for a roof inspection.

Our team of roofers is manufacturer certified for some of the top-brand roofing products including CertainTeed (asphalt shingle) and Everlast Roofing (metal roofing).  Using our extensive installation knowledge we understand how your roofing system is supposed to be installed and how it should perform. Many times during a roofing inspection we can spot issues with a roof that probably could have been avoided if the original roofer didn’t cut corners.

Whether your roofing has been damaged due to wind, rain, hail, or ice dams, or it’s leaking around vents, a chimney, a roofing valley, or a dormer, or you just feel the roofing shingles are old and no longer performing as they should the team at Five Star Roofing Experts will be able to help you.

How Often Should You Inspect Your Roof?

It’s a good idea to have have your roof inspected annually or at the very least every couple of years so you can catch potential problems early.  It doesn’t take much, a quick look inside the attic for any sign of leaks, a walk-around on the roof to check the vents, valleys, and flashings, and we can generally spot any issues quickly.

Any problems with a roofing system that are ignored or not found early can cause very expensive issues to fix further down the road, like water damage and mold.  Your home will benefit from our years of experience with different types of roofing materials and many complex roofing projects.  We know exactly what to look for to help you avoid expensive repairs or even complete roofing replacements further down the road.

Please Take Note:  Verbal reports are done at no charge if the home is within our service area in York or Cumberland County.   If you need a written report for insurance purposes there will be a nominal fee.

What Are We Looking For In A Roof Inspection?

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Excess shingle granule loss
  • Damage from ice dams
  • Poor flashing installation or missing flashing
  • Inadequate roof venting
  • Rotten or damaged roof decking

We are the local roofing experts and can help you solve complex roofing problems such as roofing leaks, poor roofing installations, storm damage, poor roof venting, and more. These are very common issues with roofing systems in our area of Maine.

If you’d like to schedule your roofing inspection just call 207-833-4444 or use our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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